When A Hero Grows Old

In June, Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon, filed a lawsuit against his son Andy, his daughter Jan, and his longtime manager Christina Korp. He alleges they have taken control of his credit cards, used his money for their own gain, undermined his romantic relationships, and slandered him by telling others that he […]

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Choosing an Elder Law Attorney in Mississippi

Choosing an elder law attorney is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Therefore, when searching for an elder law attorney in Mississippi, it’s important to consider a number of factors before making a final decision. Below are some things to consider when choosing an elder law attorney in Mississippi. 1) Ask for referrals – […]

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Why Plan for Long-Term Care?

Long-term care encompasses a range of services and supports that a person may need in order to meet his or her needs. Personal care needs typically encompass things like assistance with activities of daily living and medical care. The majority of individuals over 65 years of age require some type of long-term care. Therefore, it […]

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How Do I Pay for Nursing Home Care?

by lawpromo | Medicaid Myths Families faced with having to pay for nursing home care for a loved one usually get a crash course in the limitations of Medicare and private health insurance. What they find is that Medicare will only pay for a certain amount of nursing home care and private health insurance doesn’t […]

  • Posted on: Sep 8 2017
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What Happens if a Family Member Becomes Incapacitated?

by lawpromo | The Unpopular Topic of Discussion Every Family Needs to Have Just bringing up the possibility of someone in your family becoming mentally or physically incapacitated is often difficult. We tend to think of only the very elderly needing long-term, hands-on care, but a recent report by the Alzheimer’s Association found that one in nine […]

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3 Celebrity Probate Disasters and Tragic Lessons

With extreme wealth accumulated, one would assume that celebrities would take steps to protect their estates. But think again: Some of the world’s richest and most famous people enter the pearly gates with no estate plan in place, while others have made estate planning mistakes that tied their fortunes and heirs up for years in […]

  • Posted on: Mar 10 2017
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FAQs – Why You Want to Avoid Probate

Q: What is probate? A: Probate is the process by which the court validates the authenticity of a will; appoints an executor (aka personal representative); and supervises the settlement of an estate, including the payment of bills, filing of tax returns, and transfer of assets to beneficiaries. If no will is presented, the court will […]

  • Posted on: Feb 25 2017
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The Pros and Cons of Probate

In estate planning circles, the word “probate” often comes with a starkly negative connotation. Indeed, for many people — especially those with larger estates — financial planners recommend trying to keep property out of probate whenever possible. That being said, the probate system was ultimately established to protect the property of the deceased and his/her […]

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Why a Trust Is the Best Option for Avoiding Probate

As Ambrose Bierce once darkly observed, “Death is not the end. There remains the litigation over the estate.” Obviously, ideally, when someone passes away, the paperwork and material concerns associated with the estate are so flawlessly handled (thanks to excellent preparation) that they fade into the background, allowing the family to grieve and remember in peace. In fact, […]

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3 Reasons You Want to Avoid Probate

When you pass away, your family may need to involve the chancery court to claim their inheritance. This can happen if you own property (like a house, car, bank account, investment account, or other asset) in only your name. Although having a will is a good basic form of planning, a will does not avoid probate. Instead, […]

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