City of St. Louis Mississppi

We understand that community support and involvement is vital to both business and personal growth. We also know that our community is made better by responsible citizenship, stewardship, mentoring, support and compassion. For many years, we have actively promoted and supported our community in Rankin County, having dedicated time, financial assets and professional skill to various charitable and civic organizations.

The following is a partial list of charitable and community organizations we counsel or support:

  • Rankin County Bar Association
  • Rankin County Chamber of Commerce
  • Rankin County Republican Executive Committee
  • First Baptist Church Brandon, Mississippi
  • Life Action Ministries, Buchanan, Michigan
  • Brandon Public Schools
  • East Rankin Academy
  • Southwest Rankin Food Resource Center, Inc.
  • Shelter Care for Children, Inc.
  • Rosie’s Community Garden, Brandon, Mississippi
  • Wills for Heroes
  • Mission First
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Crossroads Counseling Center
  • Rankin County Baptist Association