Elder Law Lawyers Servicing Clients in Brandon, Rankin County, and Scott County

Elder Law Lawyers deal with Senior adults and their families who often face a myriad of legal and other needs such as end-of-life decisions, unexpected incapacity, public benefits eligibility, or long-term care concerns.

What Our Elder Law Lawyers Can Do

We recognize these challenges because we have personally witnessed them in our own families. Dealing with issues of incapacity is difficult, emotionally draining, and downright scary. Feelings of helplessness and frustration are, at times, overwhelming. We’ve been there and we are uniquely prepared to walk our clients through these seasons of stress with care and consideration.

No one should be required to walk these difficult paths alone. Let us help you make sense of your individual situation. Our plans help you preserve your assets and maintain dignity and control for as long as possible. We are here to help you focus on a workable plan that accounts for potential incapacity, provides asset protection, and accounts for your long-term care requirements. If your situation calls for it, we are ready to handle every phase of incompetency, including formal court involvement, if needed.

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If you are an elderly senior or a family member of one and are in need of some legal guidance to plan for the future, contact one of our elder law attorneys today.