Long-Term Care / Medicaid Lawyer in Brandon, Rankin County, and Scott County

At Palmer & Slay, PLLC, our highly qualified attorneys focus on only a few areas of the law. One of them is estate planning — a specialty that comprises a number of subspecialties, such as asset protection, probate/estate administration, and long-term care/Medicaid planning. A sizable portion of our work involves elder law and a Medicaid lawyer can help with issues such as long-term care and Medicaid planning since aging and mortality are issues we all must face.

Long-Term Care / Medicaid

Brandon special needs lawyerThough many of our clients are somewhat reluctant to confront the possibility of diminishing powers and death, we are here to keep them rooted in using their present strength and our insight to make the right decisions for their futures. We are committed to using our in-depth knowledge and experience to help you protect yourself and your loved ones in the present and to provide for your beneficiaries in the future.

Aware of how quickly enormous amounts of money can be spent if a loved one requires long-term healthcare, we take a proactive approach in order to prevent you from depleting your estate in the process of providing proper care for an elderly relative. We can implement certain techniques that maximize your family member’s eligibility to receive government benefits (most often Medicaid) so you will not be burdened with huge bills.

Medicaid Lawyer

Medicaid is a government-funded healthcare plan that is only available to those who qualify financially. While Medicaid will cover an enrollee’s long-term care expenses, the program is means-tested, meaning that many people must “spend down” or juggle their assets in order to qualify for assistance. Our attorneys are able to help you become eligible for this significant government assistance program. Cognizant of the 5-year look back period Medicaid uses to examine your recent financial dealings, we typically take precautions years in advance to avert a possible crisis situation. Nonetheless, if you or another family member needs immediate long-term care, often we can implement certain techniques and strategies that will help to protect as much of your accumulated wealth as possible.

How Palmer Slay, PLLC Is Special

By the time you have matured and developed your own skill sets, you have probably come to realize how important it is to hire people who are proficient in their own fields. Just as it is wise to seek out orthopedists to mend broken bones and electricians to repair faulty wiring, you should consult with elder care attorneys when you need assistance with elder care issues.

Our firm, because we focus on matters involving elder law, such as estate planning, long-term care/Medicaid planning, probate, and VA pension, we go to great lengths to keep current with the details of these practice areas, maintaining memberships in national elder organizations and attending conferences to stay abreast of law changes and new techniques to achieve your goals. Because long-term care has become increasingly complex over the years, we understand the importance of keeping apprised of every new piece of legislation that affects the older population. When you come to our office, you will immediately realize that you have come to a legal practice that will customize its work to your particular needs and always treat you with the concern and respect you deserve.

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