What Elders Need to Know About Medicare

Most people over the age of 65 in the United States are eligible for Medicare. However, if you’re unfamiliar with Medicare, it can be quite confusing. Below are some things that all seniors in Mississippi need to know about Medicare.

Don’t skip Part B coverage

Those who sign up for Medicare have the option of skipping Part B coverage. However, very few new Medicare beneficiaries should do so. Generally speaking, the only individuals who should skip this coverage are those who already have employer-provided health coverage. This means that even if you’re covered by Tricare, COBRA, or some other private insurance, you should elect Part B coverage. If you don’t sign up for Part B coverage initially and later decide to do so, your premiums will be significantly higher than they’d otherwise be.

Sign up for Part D coverage

Medicare enrollees can receive coverage for medications in one of two ways: Part D or Medicare Advantage. It’s advisable to sign up for Part D coverage upon initial Medicare enrollment. Like Part B, the failure to sign up for Part D coverage will result in higher premiums down the road.

Look into Medicare even if you don’t think you qualify

If you haven’t worked for 40 quarters and don’t think you qualify for Medicare, you should contact an experienced Mississippi elder law attorney to discuss. For example, it may benefit you to sign up for Medicare coverage even if you have to pay a premium, or you may even qualify under your spouse’s work history.

You may qualify for Medicare even if you aren’t retired

Even if you are still employed at age 65, you may still qualify for Medicare, as Medicare isn’t related to your work status. Therefore, employment won’t affect your eligibility.

Medicare and other benefits

If you are already receiving Social Security Disability benefits, your Medicare card will automatically arrive in the mail following two years of benefits. And if you’re receiving Social Security retirement benefits, your Medicare card will arrive in the mail three months before you turn 65. Upon receipt of your card, you have seven months to make certain coverage decisions.

Mississippi Elder Law Attorneys

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